a movie by
Kim Sang-ryeol  김상렬
Kim Jae-young  김재영
Tao Wenwen  도문문
Seong Hyeong-gyu  성형규
Jan Schabert  얀 샤버트
Heo Seong-hoon  허성훈

Prof. Cheol-Soo Kim, Keimyung University
Dae-Il Lee, +alpha electronic
Hyo-Sang Seung, principal of iroje
Jeong-Jong Sook
Jo Jeung Sook
Joong-Jae Lee, principal of cities of tomorrow
Prof. Jung-In Ha, Han Yang University
Kyung-Soo Noh
Prof. Peter Ferretto, Seoul National University
Sang-Woo Song, principal of ace electronic
Prof. Yi-Jong Ho, korea national universtiy of arts

Nam Yeon-Jung
Yeo Wha-Jin
Lee Ji-Su
Lim Young-Hee

interview with Seung Hyo-Sang
Choi Sang-Yeol

editing consultant
Antonia Fenn

funded by
BISA Research Fund
Keimyung University
Daegu, Republic of Korea

filmed & produced in the
Republic of Korea, 2011


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